6 Steps to Booking Your Dream Cruise- Tips to Save Money on a Cruise

My husband and I have been on 10 cruises together!  Our first cruise together was to Bermuda, and we just booked our next cruise to Bermuda with friends and our 10 month old baby!  Here is the process we go though to book our own cruise.  Hopefully you can use these tips and find a good deal on your next trip!

  1. Find Cruises- First we look at Kayak.com.  If you click on the more category, then choose cruises, you can decide what cruise you would like to go on.  They have many search options including what port you would like to leave from.  If you need a flight, also look on kayak.  They have search options to include when you need to be there for the cruise to leave.  
  2. Create a Spreadsheet- In google docs spreadsheet we create a spreadsheet of the cruises me like, the cost of the cruise, flight, ect and share with our friends.  Remember the hidden cost of cruising including:
    • Tips $10 a day
    • Taxes
    • Getting to the port
    • Alcohol
    • Soda
  3. Find the Best Price- We then go to Cruise Compete.  If you make an account, and select the cruise you choose, different agent will give you their best price.  There is an options to see the reputation of each agent. Remember to also check with the cruise company, and discover card travel to see if you can find another deal. 
  4. Book it!
  5. Pack- Traveling with a baby like us?  Here are some travel tips.  
  6. Enjoy your Cruise! 
Check out our cruise video from a past cruise with NCL from NYC on the NCL Gem.  

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