Thankful Thursday- Motherhood

I normally do not write much on my blog, mostly because I do not like to edit, and I write enough for my doctorate, but my friend from The Clerical Error  and er witty posts inspired me to write.  Losing my camera is another reason that I decided to write today too!  A third reason, is a napping baby.  

I thought I would share with you my spaghetti dinner stress fest yesterday.  My husband is an RD.  Since his RA's came back this week I decided to make them spaghetti dinner to welcome them back.  

So I was cooking 3 pounds of spaghetti (Husband was working), and Maria starts crying because she wants to be held. Then the boiling water is overflowing as she crawls towards me. So I keep putting her in the far part of the apartment as she is crying and the spaghetti is sticking together. This goes on for a half hour. Finally George gets there, and luckily only the bottom 1/4 of spaghetti is solidified. But that half hour was really stressful!  Sometimes being a Mom is hard, but the rest of the night was fine.  Everyone had enough to eat, Maria got to be held by many people, and we all enjoyed each other's company.  

I was using this spaghetti pot to make the spaghetti that I got for our wedding shower.  This pot only hold about 2 pounds of pasta and not 3.  I learned this the hard way, but now I know! 

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