10 Things to Know Before Bringing a Baby to the Beach

Here is a list of things to think about before bringing a baby to the beach.  This requires some planning before leaving on your adventure together.  Hopefully these tips will save you time and money as you travel with a baby.  I believe experiencing new things is important for you and your baby.

  • Pack Baby Clothes in a Separate Bag From Your Own- When you pack the baby clothes and your own clothes in one bag, finding those little clothes are hard to find.  Instead of creating a scavenger hunt for yourself pack the little clothes in a separate bag.  I liked to keep the two bags separate in the room I am staying so I know where to find my clothes, and where the babies are. 
  • Don’t Bring Too Many Diapers- A day or two before leaving on a trip count how many diapers you use that day.  Bring a couple swim diapers for each day too.  Then only bring the amount of diapers for the days you are gone, plus a few extra.  Remember enough wipes too!
  • Pack Baby Food In Multiple Containers- I read a story about a woman who dumped all the formula she had on the floor while on a cruise.  Let’s both learn a lesson from this story by packing baby food in multiple containers so there will not be this type of accident.   If you are breastfeeding you may need to think about putting extra milk in different containers.  A Infant Travel Chair may also be needed if you baby is a little older. 
  • Bring Easy to Pack Toys- Bring flat or easy to store and carry toys with you on your trip.
  • Bring a Baby Hat- White soft baby skin burns quickly!  You may be outside for longer than you think.  A hat can be helpful even when your baby takes a nap in the stroller.  I have been told babies under 6 months should not wear suntan lotion.  You may want to pack sun tan lotion.
  • How You Will Carry Your Baby?- You may have a personal baby carrier or a stroller.  Think about the terrain when deciding what to pack.  
  • Sunscreen Lotion- I was told babies under 6 months should not have sun tan lotion.  They do make special baby sunscreen
  • Beach Shade- If you can’t find shade under a tree, you may need to bring a beach shade that will travel easily. 
  • Eating Sand?-  Decide what you will do when your baby tried to put sand in his/her mouth.  I tried to do some research on this on the internet, and didn’t find any good information.  If you do, I would love to see some! 
  • Pool- If the waves are too big for you little one, you may want to bring a small inexpensive blow up baby pool.  

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  1. On the food thing, last year I took a brand new can of formula on vacation. This helped things. And I omly packed enough diapers for a day or so and bought a small pack when we got there.


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