Thankful Thursday- Home For Three

Last week a friend told me that she is glad the saw me go though pregnancy and being a Mom because it will help her when she starts the process.  

I would like to thanks my friend from Home For Three for being that same person for me.  I believe everyone needs someone to help them though a journey.  Pregnancy and Motherhood definitely has its ups and downs.  The highs are so awesome, and the lows only make us stronger :).  Hearing tips from a friend and not a book can add some personal experience to any situation.  I am so lucky to have her in my life to also just let me see what a mom does to travel. She definitely traveled with a much younger baby a much father distance than I did with Maria.  She let me borrow things, and told me what to buy and what not to buy.  So I want to thank her.  Don't worry, your job is not over.  I get to see what to do with a toddler next! :)

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