Quirky Idea Fail

This is the email I got back from Quirky.  I am VERY impressed that I even got a real comment back for my baby bottle with lines to be read while feeding a baby idea . While I would still think that people would buy this product, I understand their feedback.  No money wasted on either end!! :)


The Quirky staff has discussed your idea. Unfortunately, this isn’t an idea the Quirky Staff wanted to pursue at this time. 

After review and speaking to parents, we did not find that the defining feature of your bottle, the measurement lines, were compelling enough for us to create a product around at this time. Parents usually know the amount of formula initially in the bottle and are able to tell just by looking t the bottle as the baby is drinking around how much the baby has drank. There is no need for exact measurements so we feel that in a very saturated market like baby products, it would be hard to stand out from competitors with that single feature. 

Thank you again for your submission If you would like to submit an edited version of this idea that addresses the issues we have mentioned and maybe even some of the points the community has mentioned in the comment section., we encourage you to do so!

If you have any questions, or would like to clarify anything before you resubmit your idea please feel free to email me (katherine@quirkyinc.com)!


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