20 weeks- It's a Girl!!

Cravings:  Not craving anything.  I am hungry for small meals most of the day.

Energy:    Feeling great!  This second trimester is better than the first! 

Weight Gain: I lost 3 pounds when I started, so I am back to my original weight now.

Baby Movement
: Lots of movement.  Feels weird when I am driving for trying to fall alseep.  I love to feel it when I am sitting at my computer or watching tv. 

Surprises?:  My skin feels great!  Maybe from all the water I have been drinking?  I thought I would have gained more weight by now, I am sure it will be here soon.  

To Do: Continue working on the registry! So many choices to pick from!


  1. yay! So excited for you! And you look great by the way.

  2. Congratulations on your baby girl, you look amazing!


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