4th of July 2011

I feel like I should not blog because I don't have any pictures for you, but I can tell you how the holiday weekend was anyway!

Thursday night we got to eat with friends Amanda and her husband at Chinese buffet.  They spent the weekend in New Hampsire, but we got to see them before it began.

Friday, my husband and relaxed, since it was my work from home day.  We did dinner and movie night since I was trying to relax from a stressful week.  

On Saturday, we got to see a college friend Jamie, with her husband, and her beautiful new addition to the family Colby!  We went to texas roadhouse (I got to pick because I am the one with cravings and I love there rolls).  Colby did great at lunch, and Jamie and Brent made a really good team for moving baby around.  Hopefully George and I can work that well together.  

I thought the fireworks were on Sunday, but I was wrong :(.  Good thing we found out from George's sister before we left!  We did go out to eat with Danielle and Antony, our friends who are moving to Arizona in a week for teaching jobs.  We will miss them :(.  But we will see them in  a couple weeks for their Vegas wedding! 

Monday, my husband really wanted to do a cook out.  So we did and it turned out really well.  Danielle, Anthony, Becky, Emmy, and Jared helped us celebrate by eating with us!  Since we lives in an apartment for the last 5 years, we really are enjoying the deck, grill, and the outdoors!  Charlie thought it was too hot out so he stayed inside while we played games and enjoyed the weather.

Even though we did not go anywhere for the weekend, we had a great time eating, and enjoying the company of our friends! 

Update:  A couple weeks ago we also got to go to crabfest.  Thanks Di! 

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