14 weeks Pregnant

Starting to get a little rounder at the top.  This week has been exciting because the morning sickness has  been gone. 


  1. Pshhh you look better 14 weeks pregnant than I look 8 months postpartum! :-P I'm so glad you're feeling better. The second tri is a nice second wind, so get stuff done while you feel good!

  2. Looking good! Glad to hear you are not getting sick anymore! I had all-day sickness for the first 4 1/2 months of my pregnancy. All I could eat was pizza (which I was okay with!). Ended up having to take a prescription for the sickness, but even that did not always help. Nor did the preggie pops, wrist bands, or anything. I sounded like some awful devil animal took over my body. The cats were terrified of me! I'm glad yours ended much earlier, and hope you continue to feel better each day! Usually you have a bit more energy back in the 2nd trimester!

  3. Thanks for your comments! I feel so bad for the woman who have morning sickness for their entire pregnancy. I could hardly take 7 week!

  4. I can barely tell, glad the morning sickness is gone!


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