4 Months!

I finally look a little pregnant instead of just feeling really pregnant!  The nausea has caused me to be the same weight as when I started, but just redistributed :).  I would love my appetite back, as my husband and I are going to Vegas for a wedding in a couple weeks.

So far most of my clothes still fit.  I am happy about that.  I did make a TJ Maxx run a couple of weeks ago and got some cute shirts that are long because they are in style.  So far they are comfortable.

At this point I am not craving anything.  My favorite summer foods are usually ice cream, blue berries, and hard shell crabs.  For some reason I don't want ice cream or blue berries at all!  Believe me I have tried.

I am tired.  Not as tired as the beginning, but I have an 11 hour day away from home without my commute.

Thanks for reading!  I hope to keep you updated every month! 


Please tell me what you think. Your comments make me smile.


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