Thankful Thursday- Michael Jackson Experience with Friends

This week a couple friends came over and we played the Michal Jackson Experience for the Wii.  We had a great time, laughed a lot, and got some exercise in too!  I rented the game from gamefly. I saw many people receive $50 wii games for Christmas this year.  I get bored pretty easily and did not think it was worth $50.  They have a free 2 week trial that you can see if you like renting games from gamefly.  I think blockbuster has a similar offer, but I already used it on renting movies.   I enjoyed the game, but I am already bored of it.  On to renting the next game!  The old ones just go back in the mail. Has anyone used game fly before?  This is my first week.  I am thankful for my friends to try this with me so I did not have do dance alone.  The game is a lot more fun with friends.  Thanks girls! 

If you decide to join gamefly, please say I referred you .  I then will receive a free month. 

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