Let Our Guest Have Light!

Hotel Rusczyk open for Business!  I just added these cute side lamps to the bed.  Since there was little room for side tables, I decided to add these ikea lights to the sides of the bed.  I then added plastic wire holders to the wall so you did not see the wires going to the outlet.  The best part about these lamps is they each have a little pull to turn them on and off so you do not have to unplug them every time.  I love ikea lights.  I am glad I was able to put these to good use! 


  1. I love the lights! And your bed model is adorable. :)

  2. So....do your guests also get Charlie cuddles in bed each morning when they visit? Gorgeous room. well done.

  3. I thought about getting these too! Looks good, can't wait to stay over sometime :)

  4. Thanks everyone! Can't wait til you visit Diana!


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