How does it foat there all by itself?!

 For Christmas this year Santa (Dad and Mom) brought me a floating shelf.  They bought it from Lowes.  I had a hard decision from the shelves at lowes and the Ikea.  I decided to go with this one because the shelf is more substantial.    I let George hang the bracket on the wall.  After a few curse words to get all 6 of the screws in the bracket was on the wall! 
After some accessories, I think the wall is more of a focal wall now.  I am excited to change the accessories with the season.  The painting was a birthday present from Diana few years back.  I was thinking I would like to add a vase or something on the other side instead of the plant.  I may have trouble watering the plant because it is so high and I am so short.  Now I have a reason to go to T.J. Maxx again :). 
There will be more home projects to come since santa was nice to me.  The problem is, you not only have to receive the present, but put in a little elbow grease to add things to your home.

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