8 Online Grocery Shopping For Store Pickup Tips


For the past 5 months, I have been only grocery shopping online.  The places I have done this have mostly been Sams Club, Walmart, and Weis.  But I think these tips can be helpful at other locations.  My local locations will shop for you and put it in your trunk for free.  This is a touchless service.  Each week I go, I think they worked out a few kinks of the process on their side which makes the process very smooth from my side.  Last week I even ordered from Sams Club and Walmart for the same pickup time.  I wanted in both locations for about 5 minutes each and then I was off. I bought the items I needed in both places and did not go in any stores. Many of these services are free to use.  Check with each store first.  

1. Order with the Technology That Works Best For You

You can sometimes you an app on your phone or an online interface on your tablet, laptop, or computer.  You can do to the app store and download the apps to your phone or use the store website with your computer.  Choose the one that works best for you.  You don't need a smartphone.  When you get to the location you press a button in the app to tell them you are there if you have a smartphone.  They ask for your spot number, and sometimes the color of your car. But if you don't have phone with the internet, you can call the number on the sign with the number. 

2. Park in the Designated location

Each store has a place for you to park for grocery pick up. When you get there tell them that you are there. 

3. Think Ahead

The first time you try online grocery shopping, you may want to think about how you usually walk through the store.  Write down each section with a heading, and then the things you need in each section.  Then write the items you pick up in each area.  This was helpful for my first online shopping order.  

4. Reorder Most Used Items

After you completed one trip, you can reorder items you normally order.  This is very helpful because each item is only one click away. 

5. Keep it Contactless

You can stay in the car the entire time.  If you don't have a trunk that pops open from the inside, you can open your trunk before they deliver your groceries to your trunk. Don't get out to help them put the stuff if your car.  They will come to your window to verify your names and if you made any changes.  You can keep the window open and talk to them that way. One time I did want to make a change.   I wrote my name on a piece of paper, and the change I wanted to make. They understood right away. 

6. Keep you Trunk Clean

Try to keep your trunk empty so they have room to add your items.  One time I went to the store and I still had most of the sandy beach stuff in the car.  They put the groceries on top.  After that, I cleaned and vacuumed out my trunk for the next order. 

7. Order at Many Stores at Once

You can order at many stores if you leave enough room to pick the same pick up hour.  

8. Be Thankful

 I still smile, wave, and thank the person from the inside of the car with my windows up. I enjoy seeing people as they are helping me through this time of social distancing. 

Many stores offer delivery too. You normally need to pay for this.   For this option, I would tip when they get to your door.  My driver suggested putting it in an envelope and taping it to do the door. We did this for Mother's Day.  We had lobster and ice cream cake delivered with a few other treats (chocolate). My husband and I were both happy with an extra treat.  

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