Breastfeeding Journey Reflection

**For breastfeeding week I thought I would share my story.

For those of you who don't know me well I have two girls age 5 and 8. Before I had kids I did not spend any time with babies. I did not even change a diaper before my first child. I also did not spend any time with breastfeeding Moms.

When I had my first child I tried very hard to breastfeed. I read about it and had them teach me at the hospital. When I got home I "gave up" and pumped for about a month and fed her with the bottles that I pumped. I hid in the bedroom when I pumped. The time that it took to pump and clean everything was so much on top of a newborn child. I then switched to bottles which again took some time to clean. This time was exhausting with a new baby figuring out what my new world looked like.

Some women pump, clean, and go to work while having a newborn baby which is amazing.

After having my first child I spend much more time around other Moms. One of my friends even breastfed without a cover around her brother. At the time this felt foreign to me. I saw how there was breastfeeding at church, my favorite coffee shop, and anywhere really.

Then when my second child came along I tried again. I went to a breastfeeding group at our local library (Ross Library, Lock Haven). I had the lactation consultant come in when she was little. I exclusively breastfeed her for one year.

I got through thrush, a tongue-tied child, and blocked milk ducts. I have anxiety in places that have lots of clutter. I was able to breastfeed there. I went to the breastfeeding rooms at Sesame Place, Knoebles, and the Clinton County fair. Some times on road trips to my parent's house I would stop at every other exit on Route 80 and the turnpike to feed her in the car when she was crying. She never wanted a pacifier either. I did not even try a bottle one time. A very special time period between a Mom and Child. I am proud of myself for making it through this time.

I am writing this to tell the future you that breastfeeding is a journey. In each step, you will learn and grow. I have loved reading your stories and hopefully, in sharing mine we can make breastfeeding a comfortable relaxing natural process.

** If you would like to read more about my pregnancy, you can read some of my posts from 8 years ago on my blog. I am sure some of it is still relevant.…/…/37-weeks.html

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