5 Tips to Keep Your Kids on Track This Summer

It’s the end of June and your teenager has finished his last exam. Freedom! With college not starting until mid September they have a long summer ahead of them.

These months can quickly turn into a party fest with numerous festivals like  Glastonbury and Reading,  to name but a few.

Why not change the routine and reward your teen for all their hard work for their GCSEs or A levels with something different but equally attractive!!? Give them a challenge they will never forget and kick-off of the summer with an activity holiday! It might also help them get one step ahead of their colleagues!!!

Life skills

Outdoor activities such as canyoning, via feratta and white water rafting demand certain life skills such as listening, teamwork, courage and perseverance - all essential for entering the real world, going to college and university.

Making friends

These sorts of activities are often in small groups with other families and teenagers. A perfect opportunity to meet new people, practice relationship building skills and share adventures with new friends. The daunting thought of starting university in a new city where they know no-one may seem a little more attractive!!

Fresh mountain air and exercise

What can be better for your teenager than fresh mountain air and exercise? What’s great about this sort of holiday is that your adolescent will be doing lots of exercise and they won’t even notice as they will be too busy having fun!

Family Time

Your cuddly two year old is now a teenager with attitude and you know it won’t be long before they fly the nest. Quality family time is becoming more and more precious  and it is difficult to find things that the whole family can do together. An activity holiday is the perfect solution as the activities can be adapted for all levels with every member of the family getting something out of them. Inhibitions are broken down and the rule book is re-written creating lasting family memories of fun times together!

An extra dimension….

Why not add another dimension to your holiday and set your kids a different kind of challenge. You could give them a video project to do or a photography competition, for example, to get the best action photo. This will keep them occupied and engaged as well as giving you a lasting memory of your holiday, killing two birds with one stone!

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