10 Things to Know to Ready Your Home For Winter

Is your home ready for the winter.  Our house is in Pennsylvania.  Today we have a forecast to get over a foot of snow!  How excited.  We just god a new sled for Christmas too!  Help protect your house and family for winter.  Get the boring stuff over so you can enjoy the fun stuff.  Hot chocolate, being snowed in, sledding, and snowmen! 

1. Have Furnace Inspected- Make sure ducts are clean. 

2. Buy Furnace Filters- Buy a couple extra filters do you do not need to run out to the store every time. 

3. Program Thermostat Properly- The temperature at your house should be at a minimum of 55 degrees while you are away. 

4. Examine House for Cracks- Check for open seals on windows and doors.  Go to home improvement store to properly seal.

5. Trim Trees- Trees to keep them from falling during winter winds. 

6. Assemble an Emergency Kit- Flash lights, first-aid kit, extra bottled water, non-perishable food, and blankets. 

7. Snow Removal Equipment is Ready- Shovels, bags of ice-melt, ect. Have them ready before you need them. 

8. Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Monitors- Have them installed and ready with full batteries. keep extra batteries on hand.  

9. Fire Extinguisher- Replace one that is older than 10 years. 

10. Contact Insurance Agency- Completing some of these things can save you money off of your home insurance. 

About Lisa Rusczyk
Lisa is the creator of the blog Charlie-The-Cavalier and His Friends, Family, and Home.  She is also the author of 50 Things to Know Before Having a Baby..  Send Lisa Rusczyk and email at lbrennec@gmail.com.  

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