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Ever since I got pregnant I have worried more about my families health.  I was not "eating for two" but I was providing nutrition for someone who could not make a choice on their own. Since then I have been trying to prepare healthy meals ahead.  Before I use to bake to relax and distress.  Now I am trying to chop instead.  

Here are some of my prepare ahead food ideas.  Using this food storage container organizer to store the containers has been great!  No more searching for the lid.  This is very easy to organize as I take them out of the dishwasher.  

These plastic containers are amazing.  We do not need to have an entire cabinet of plasticware. Just a place on the shelf.  These food storage container organizers will take up 1 foot by 1 foot of your home.  I know you want to save those other containers, but even though they were free, storing them is expensive.  Recycle them. Please leave more tips for others to store their food.  

1. On the left is canned fruit that I put in smaller containers so I can just grab a serving when I would like one.  Buying fruit in bulk and then putting the fruit in containers on your own is less expensive.  Also you know the plastic is BPA free.  

2. The middle is some chopped salad, so that I can just add dressing. 

3. On the right is vegetable soup that I made on Sunday to have for lunch throughout the week.  

4. Chopped onions for soup, spaghetti, or other meals.  But these onions may make your house and freeze smell.  

Here are some other organization posts I have created including 16 ways to downsize you life.  

Here are some more ideas to get organized on Pinterst.  

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  1. I have this exact one! At the time I bought it, you could get refills. Now I can't find them. But it does hold a lot.

  2. I have 3 now! It was cheaper just buy them again than to buy a refill pack on amazon.


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