6 Things to Know for Getting the Most from Your Discover Cash Back

Do you have a Discover Credit Card?  You can get one a Discover Card here if you are interested.  Below are some tips of what to do and no to do with your discover rewards programs.  

  1. Earning Cash Back-  You get cash back in certain areas but only a certain amount each month.  For example, you get 5% cash back on gas but only up to $1,500.
  2. Signing Up for 5% Programs- You actually need to sign up for the cash back programs each couple months.  This means if you don't use the internet, you must sign up by phone.  Remember to sign up each couple months or you will only get 1% back.  
  3. Using Discover Travel Department - We book cruises about once a year.  We have never used cash back from the cruise department because we always found the cruise somewhere else cheaper.  Make sure you check around.  Here are some  other ways to save money booking a cruise.  
  4. Online Shopping - If you are already an online shopper, check to see if logging in though the discover card account first will give you extra cash back.  This money may take a while to get to your account, but can be worth checking on.  
  5. Redeeming Cash Back- You may get double the cash back for certain gift cards, but if you are not going to use them, was it really worth it?  Getting gift cards as Christmas Gifts is a great idea.  You can get many gifts this way! 
  6. Fun Cards-  There are many fun card options to choose from.  Don't pick the boring ones :).  Have fun.  I have a pink one, and the waitress always give the card back to me and not my husband when I am paying.  
  7. Shop on Amazon?- You can use any amount of cash back directly on Amazon.com.  My husband likes to do this to buy K cups from Amazon for his kureig.  

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Lisa is the creator of the blog Charlie-The-Cavalier and his Friends, Family, and Home.  She is also the author of 50 Things to Know Before Having a Baby.  Send Lisa Rusczyk an email at lbrennec@gmail.com

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