First Stay-At-Home-Mom Day Off

Today is my day off.  Day off from what?  Being a Mom.  My 11 week old if being watch for the first time for the entire day by my husband.  I decided that after watching her 24/7 for months except for a couple hours when friends and family watched the cute one, it was time to carve out an entire day off for this new Mom.  He said I should go out to enjoy the day.  Instead I wanted to  sleep in, not getting up every 30 seconds to put in her pacifier, and do nothing.  This is the morning of my first day off.  So far I woke up at 7 am, I’m going to see her smile every 10 minutes, and have no idea what to do with a day off.  I will probably clean the house, organize a closet, and add adorable pictures to facebook to share with our friends and family.  I already can’t wait to feed, change, and be with her tomorrow.  Let’s just hope my husband gets all the poopy diapers today.  Yes, even the ones that the poop makes it up to her belly button.  

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