50 Things to Know Before Having a Baby

So you have a book now?  Well let me tell you how it all got started.  Charlie-The-Cavalier is a blog that usually gets about 250 views a week.  I enjoy sharing my wife with others.  I have received many tips or blessings that I would like to pass on.  After I wrote the post 23 Things to Know Before Having a Baby, the list grew to 50, and I got over 3,000 reads.  I thought I might have something here.  So I went to Amazon Direct Publishing to create a book out of the tips.  A couple weeks later here we are.  I feel comfortable about a book I wrote that is now for sale online.  I really made the book to give to others as shower gifts for their pregnancy.  As a new Mom the ideas are fresh in my head.  I would like everyone to be told all the small things that someone may not tell you.  I was lucky to hear most of this information before we had our little baby Maria.  At this point the post has about 6,000 views and I am soo happy that many people are able to read the tips.  Thanks everyone for reading my blog!  Maybe you will read a book I write some day too!  I already have some ideas for other books.  I am also working on getting this one in print.  If anyone needs help with Amazon Direct Publishing, I can help!  Please ask.  I would love to bring your writing to others in a different format.  

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