Fabulous House Friday- Preparing Meals

Ever since I got pregnant I have worried more about my health.  I was not "eating for two" but I was providing nutrition for someone who could not make a choice on their own. Since then I have been trying to prepare healthy meals ahead.  Before I use to bake to relax and distress.  Now I am trying to chop instead.  

Here are some of my prepare ahead food ideas:  

 Using this organizer to store the containers has been great!  No more searching for the lid.  This is very easy to organize as I take them out of the dishwasher.  
 On the left is canned fruit that I put in smaller containers so I can just grab a serving when I would like one.  The middle is some chopped salad, so that I can just add dressing. On the right is vegetable soup that I made on Sunday to have for lunch throughout the week.  
Chopped onions for soup, spaghetti, or other meals.  (These may make your house and freeze smell).  


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