Let them have clean dishes!!

We finally purchased a washer!  We decided on a Bosch because of how quiet they are.  I personally hate the sound of fans.  Even my computer fan!  But back on track... We had a rolling dishwasher that just was not cutting it. So we are taking out the 24 in cabinet to the left of the sink, and putting this baby in!  That is the plan.  We got a great deal (I think) too!

Original $750
For at Lowes $699
Found it at best buy $595
Lowes gave us a match and 10% discount
5% off from Lowes Card

We were happy with that.  I think I almost paid that much for our rolling dishwasher.  The rolling dishwasher did it's job, but with our expanding family we needed something with less steps.  So hopefully in the next couple weeks it will be installed!!

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