Google Calendar for Baby

After reading many websites about baby stuff I came across a "baby time capsule" that I modified.  Basically create a new calender in your Google Account, then add special events as they happen to the calender.  You can also share this calendar with the hubby.  Then when you feel it is time, you can share this calender with your child.  For example you can add first ultrasound, first kicks, and gender reveal day.  You can add links to images, but you need to make sure the links stay the same.

This is hoping that Google stays around for a while, but you can always export the calender and save it for later too!  This post is for my pregnant friends too!  You know who you are ;).   Happy Googling!

If you are a little bit more old fashion, and want a a paper baby calendar, This Carters First Year Calendar, that includes stickers for important events, and paper that will last a long tiem.

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