Post #3- Down with the Sickness

Well this post is up-to-date, I am writing it today.  Since all the excitement is over, now we get to the not-so-fun part.  "Morning Sickness", which should be named "Sick".  I have been tired for the past month.  I am not talking a little tired.  I am talking sleep 11 hours at night, take a 2 hour nap during the day, and still feeling tired every day.  On top of that I had a cold, and 2 UTI's.  Add in not having many sick days because I started a new job, and you get one tired and sick girl.  I thought most of this would come at the end of my pregnancy, but I was wrong.

On a better note, my friends and family have been very supportive.  Charlie is always by my side sleeping next to me.  I feel bad that he is not getting walked as much, but he is always there to cuddle when I need him.  When my husband wants to bring a smile to my face he just has to show me Charlie :). 

So hopefully as I more forward with developing our little baby things will go smoother.  If not, I guess I am ready for the pain :/.  


  1. Phew figured out if I use google chrome I can comment again!! Just not through internet explorer. Ah I hope the morning sickness doesnt last long. I have no words of wisdom; I am one of the very lucky ones that with 2 pregnancies no sickness (I know you hate me now lol). I have read eating small bits of crackers, ginger in tea or water every 2 hrs so the tummy is never completely empty can help. Good luck - Charlie your are going to LOVE having a child in the house!


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