Does your Cavalier like to taste chap stick?

Every morning when I put my chap stick on Charlie tries to lick my lips.  The entire morning he tries to climb on any piece of furniture just to try to lick my chap stick.  For some reason he just goes crazy over it. 


  1. We don't have a Cavalier, however we have a Pug, and she goes Crazy over hand lotion! She is truly obsessed with it - she even knows when we are putting it on just by how we hold our hands!
    Have a fun day!
    Joan & Jane Austen Eyre

  2. Very cute picture of you two and the Chapstik! Like Joan's Pug Miss Zo is crazy over any type of lotion. I can't let her go near me after a shower until most of the cream on my face is absorbed into the skin or else she licks it all off!


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