Charlie and I were on the couch for most of the week because someone how I got hives!  We have no idea what they are from, but all I know is that they are gone now.  My face is finally healing up! Now I am excited to get ready for the holidays!  

Also, a special thanks to my husband and friends for being extra helpful this week!  


  1. I had hives once. It was from extreme stress. Are you okay??? You don't seem like the type of person to get stressed to me you're always smiling and happy, so maybe it was an allergy. Good that it's gone now.

  2. I am a little stressed, but I don't think they were from extreme stress. They would have just caused more extreme stress!

  3. My daughters both get random hives. Contact dermititis so hard to figure out what your reactive too. Cortisone cream works really well for this. Hope your feeling better.


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