Our floors are going in today!

Yesterday they started the laminate pergo like floor.  Hopefully they will be finished today.  Charlie was already slipping and skidding all over the floor.  Does your dog make noise on your laminate like floors?

  Later today we are moving the big stuff in because that is the only time we get the free moving truck.  Hopefully the floor will be done so we can move stuff in! Let's all cross our fingers. 


  1. Charlie, your floors are beautiful!! We love ours, and we find that we can skid perfectly across them and have tons of fun that way!! :) Just be careful, we've also hurt ourselves skidding because.. well we try to stop, but the wall doesn't necessarily care and it always hits us smack dab in the face! :(

  2. Charlie I agree with Sara....skidding can be a lot of fun but you do need to be careful. We have newly gloss tiles on our floor now and they can be very slippery. Marley was chasing Jasper one day and ran head first into the wall. He couldn't stop. No injuries thankfully. Your Mum is going to LOVE her new floor too. So much easier to see those little doggy hairs that need vacuuming. Enjoy!


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