My sand collection

When I go to the beach, I try to bring sand back as a souvenir. I usually add sand to a water bottle and then add it to bottle at home.  Some friends have even brought me some sand too.  


  1. Now that's an interesting hobby. Wish I could send you some from over here. Further North of here is a place called Rainbow Beach and there is a huge cliff called "Coloured Sands". The sand escarpment has all different shades of sand from white to black and every red, orange, brown, tan in between. There's also an island up north called Fraser Island that has the same thing. Google it. You would LOVE it!!! I'll post a photo for you to see from our holiday there a few years ago. When we were kids we went there and I collected rocks of all the different shades and we would then dribble them into a small bottle like yours and make patterns.

  2. I would love some sand from over there. If you give me your email address I can send my address. Fraser Island looks beautiful!

  3. My email address is on my profile. It's just one I use for my blog and has no personal details on it so let me know if you write to it as I don't check it very often. I don't have Fraser Island sand now myself but I could send some from our beach here, although I'd have to find out if it's legal. They're pretty strict here about what you send out of the country because of quarantine laws.

  4. Hey there Charlie. Tell your Mummy that I just did a special post on Fraser Island for her to read. Hope you like it.


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