Does your Cavalier sleep in weird positions?

This is how Charlie sleeps while we are away at work. 


  1. so funny, this is how meeka sleeps all the time, but 80lbs of rottie looks a lot sillier!LOL

    Also is how maizey wants held ALL the time. For some reason I started telling her, "oohh you gotta be a buppy!"(baby+puppy) and now she thinks it's a cue to flop over upside down!. They are so funny!

  2. Charlie, your tummy is very cute!!

    Thanks for linking our blog to ours! Now we're all connected. Yay!

    Momo & Pinot

  3. Don't you just love all the puppy fluff on their tummies....just want to tickle it! Jasper loves that too and I run my fingers through his mane and he just ooozes off to dreamland! Ahhh.... puppy love!

  4. Oh Charlie - you ARE adorable! That's how Faith was sleeping when the earthquake happened and she just kinda shook funny and slept right through it, LOL! He's gorgeous :)


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