Does your Cavalier like Road Trips?

Road Trip! Charlie took a 10 hour road trip this weekend.  He did great!  

Yes I am ready!

Getting a little Sleepy!

Good Night!!


  1. Wow ten hours is a long time! Maizey's longest road trip has been 5 hrs but with two long trips this summer were going to extend that by quite a bit! I love his car seat. What kind is it?

  2. We got the car seat on amazon:

    I would say he stayed in it about half of the trip.

  3. I love that doggy car seat too. Can it buckle in the middle strap between two kids and fit two dogs in it do you think? BTW Charlie you are soooooo cute!!!!

  4. I have the same car seat too, but Rouky chew the security cord that is in the middle... We are still using it and loving it, though...


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