10 Tips for your first Trip to Kennedy Space Center in Florida

We got to go to Kennedy Space center for the first time. We went on an excursion from our MSC cruise ship. Here are 10 tips for your first trip to Kennedy Space Center in Florida:

  1. 1. Plan Ahead: Check the Kennedy Space Center website for opening hours, and special events. The dates did change for the week that we were there.

  2. 2. Tickets: Purchase tickets online in advance to save time and avoid long lines. We bought them through the cruise line since it included transportation and we could leave quickly from the cruise ship.

  3. 3. Arrive Early: Plan to arrive early to make the most of your day and avoid crowds.

  4. 4. Visitor Complex: Start your visit at the visitor complex to explore the exhibits, attractions, and shows.

  5. 5. Bus Tour: Take the bus tour to see historic launch sites and the Apollo/Saturn V Center. You have to allot a certain amount of time for this. We did not have the time on our visit from the cruise ship but we could have if we didn't do much at the visitor center.

  6. 6. Astronaut Encounter: Check the schedule for astronaut encounters or other special presentations. We did not get to see this but we got to see them signing autographs.

  7. 7. Space Shuttle Atlantis: Don't miss the Space Shuttle Atlantis exhibit, featuring the actual shuttle and interactive displays.

  8. 8. Weather: Be prepared for Florida's weather with sunscreen, hats, and umbrellas.

  9. 9. Interactive Exhibits: Explore the interactive exhibits, such as the Mars Rover and Shuttle Launch Experience.

  10. 10. Enjoy the Experience: Take your time to enjoy the experience and make memories with your family.

Have a fantastic time at Kennedy Space Center. I can't wait to get to go back.

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