Amazon Fire Tablet Sale

We have had Amazon fire tablets for the kids for at about 5 years now. For kids 6 and under we like to get the 7" tablet and for kids 7 and older we recommend the 10" tablet.
Since it is Prime day today you can get these for only $30!
We have free time for the kids (we buy it on a deal day around Christmas), and cases for their tablets. You can buy it as a package, but we have found it less expensive to buy it separately.
Now there have been some issues with the tablets. The charging port is getting pushed in the tablet when we charge them daily. This is an issue so sometimes we need to buy new ones. They have games, books, and activities based on age that is great.
We recently bought our 7-year-old a larger screen, better tablet because she started playing Minecraft and it did not work well on the smaller tablet.
At night we have them set to turn off at their bedtime. Honestly, are the biggest issue is that when it is not charged our one daughter cries before we leave on a car trip. Yes, we could charge it in the car but I don't like the wires back there with the kids. We try to charge them every night but sometimes we forget.
The girls get to choose what they want to watch at breakfast. They usually play games during the day. I found one of the girls with a "tv" set up for her unicorns while she played house the other day. Sometimes they watch them separately and sometimes together.
Please let me know if you have any questions. If you don't have prime you can get it for the week for about $2. That is what we did today to buy a replacement tablet since the charging port broke on our last one. (Affiliate Link)

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