Filter Easy Review - Lisa Rusczyk

Today I tried out a new way to get air filters.  These are not fun to store or to buy but we need to replace them every so often.  I tried Filter Easy out. 

At first, I did not know our size filter but you can just easily measure.  I then put the size in, you can choose your allergen level (I chose SuperAllergen the first time), and my shipment schedule (I choose every 3 months). 

 I then added my credit card information and completed my first order.  I then got confirmation that I subscribed.  We will see if I cancel or not when I get my product shipped.  The price will be $20 for next time.  I get get a 2 pack for that price at my local Lowes.  Or the least expensive 2 pack for $4.48.  I guess we will see how the next delivery goes.  I will keep you updated on my Facebook page.  

Would you like to try this service?  Your first shipment is free and I earn $10 if you use this link (Thanks in advance).

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