What Reusable Straw Should We Select as a Family?

Reusable Straws

Most mornings I wake up and have a smoothie.  Easy morning I use a reusable straw and a couple times a year I buy a new pack.  About 100 straws are $1.  This this is wasteful.  Please join me in helping me find the straws I should buy to put less waste in the landfills.  The plastic straws I buy are about $.01 each. 

First there is stainless steel.  I like the shape but I am afraid the girls will hurt their mouths.  It also bothers me that you can't tell if they are dirty.  If you use the cleaner every time and see that it is clean then you know. 

They are dish washer safe.  I will definite use the dish washer.  This is a good option but I don't think I want to wash them every time.  

These are similar to above but you can clean them.  

These straws are more expensive than plastic.  Almost $.15 a straw.  15X as much!  I don't think they will do as well with smoothie liquid either.  They may get stuck.  I am not going to go with this option for the morning smoothie.  

These glass drinking straws look like they would be great with a smoothie.  You can see through them to know if they are dirty. I am afraid to use these with our little girls.  They might break in their mouths or in the dish washer.  

These straws look great at first.  Bamboo is an easily renewable resource.  But I am not sure with smoothie that they will stay clean all the time.  They do come with their own cleaner.  They might be worth a try. 

What straw do you use?  What do you recommend.  We will be buying straws at the end of the week and would love your thoughts! 

WE WENT WITH BAMBOO - So far we love them.  They are a great size for water and smoothies..  Easy to clean and they are fun to use right now.  I am glad we made the switch.

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