Thankful Thursday- Meal Planning

As I am waiting for our little one I have been doing some meal planning.  I decided that each day of the week will be a different meal choice: Monday Soup, Tuesday Stir Fry, Wednesday Casserole, Thursday  Breakfast, Friday Pizza and Sunday Pasta.  This should help me when my husband asks "What do you want to do for dinner?".  Normally I would say lets just go out just because I have nothing planning.  Hopefully this planning will allow me to give him a different answer.

Many of the items for these meals can be prepped or frozen ahead of time.  I am sure I will add and change the list as we go but this it what we are going to try.  Do you meal plan? 

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  1. ::sigh:: I would love to meal plan. I never remember to though. This is a really good idea - it gives you a plan, but still options within that meal idea. Very cool!


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