28 Weeks

Cravings:  Dark Chocolate!  I could eat bags of candy if they were in front of me.  I only did this twice so far ;). 

Energy:    Tired! Yawn!  Working, going to Grad School, getting the house ready, and trying to have a social life is difficult. 

Weight Gain: 17 pounds.  I feet are feeling it! 

Baby Movement
:She is moving alright!  Usually when I wake up, around 9, then in the evening.  I am starting to like the feeling.  My husband gets pretty excited about it too.  This morning we hugged and the baby kicked.  He asked if it was the baby and I said yes :).  How else would I make my stomach move like that? :)

Surprises?: My belly button is pretty flattened out.

I new I would be going to the bathroom many times a day but not this many!

When I wash my hands in warm water they feel so good.  I guess they are sore too!

To Do: Attend baby showers :).  Sounds like a great time to me.  Awesome friends and family, and great food!

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    Charlies cute! :)


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