Home Office Before and After

Guest Post-  Diana Goss

Today we have our first guest blogger, Diana! She is actually an old roomate from Lock Haven University. We were also both in each others weddings! Thanks Diana for the great post! The room is looking great!

Hi! I'm Diana and I'm really happy to be guest posting here on Charlie The Cavalier today. Lisa had asked me to share a home project just as I was planning to hang a bunch of my frames in my office to make a gallery wall of sorts. Have you noticed how galley walls keep popping up all over different blogs and home magazines? Even Michael's has a kit with a paper grid to hang your own gallery. But I was working with the random collection of frames I had laying around. I'll spare you the details (but you can hop over to my blog Life of a 20-Something Wife to see more) and just get to it.

Here's my office before:

And after:

It makes a big difference, right?

Thanks for letting me share, Lisa!

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  1. Hi Diana! Me thinks the office looks great now with those pictures hung on that wall. It doesn't look so bare anymore. It has brightened up the whole room too.


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