There is an end date!

In the mail on Friday I received a letter with my end date at LHU.  I started as a student, then grad student, then applicant for multiple jobs, then I got a job at LHU, and now there is an end date for working there due to budget cuts!  Don't worry, I don't think this is the end for me and LHU.  But, Dec 31 2010 will be my last day here.

I will miss my daily work and co-workers, but I know more doors will open for me in the future. George told me they always do, and I think he is right.


  1. Just think of all the time you will have to finish your Doctorate and make some beautiful babies!
    Good luck finding something new and exciting

  2. I think so too. Wherever one doors closes another one opens. Keep looking in expectation and keep yourself excited about the new challenges ahead.

  3. Thanks everyone! I lots of little projects started already!


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