Does your Cavalier hide under the bed?

Where is Charlie? Can You Find Him?


  1. very cute! Charley is hiding! We spend lots of our down time very similarly, but Maizey is under the impression that she must be touching me or the hubby at all times, so she is usually curled up right beside us!

  2. Chispita also goes under the bed (to rest) a lot. She prefers to be on top, but by now she knows she is not allowed to. And if you put a rug on the floor, she'll lie on it, and you can't take her off when she's that cute and not even allowed on the beds.

  3. Charlie is not allowed in bed. He has never been there so it was easy to do.

  4. I love going under the bed too - to escape Miz Becky! Mom says I have lots of friends under ours - dustbunnies. BUt I dont see them?

    Miss Kodee @Bark'n About


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