Can your Cavalier beg?


  1. Okay so this is seriously cute!!! We've had 3 Cavaliers in our family so far and we didn't know they could be taught to sti up and beg. How did you teach him to do that without falling down? Marley & Jasper can drop and roll over and Marley gives us a "High 5" instead of a hand shake, but sit up and beg - well that's just great! We love your blog so far by the way. Coming back for more.

  2. Hi. Thanks! This was the hardest trick to teach him. I think he had to get the strength in his back legs. We did shake and then put our hands out to get both paws. Then after a while we would try to take our hands away. Now he does not need our hands. It probably took 3 weeks. He finally got it!

  3. Great. I will try it with Marley. Jasper has hip dysplasia so I'm a bit hesitant to try it with him as it might hurt his back legs, but Marley could probably learn it.


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