Does your Cavalier like fire?

We had a fire over our friends house this weekend.  Charlie loved watching the embers fly in the air.  Sometimes he tried to catch them in his mouth.  I am happy he did not succeed!  We are always afraid that his happy fluffy will get caught in the fire. No tail fires yet! 


  1. Ooooooh scary thought. Just hope he doesn't try jumping right in!!! He looks mesmerised by that fire.

  2. Maizey just saw her first fire a few weeks ago. At first she wasn't sure, but soon she seemed fascinated by it. Pictures are in the July 27th post called "Another Trip Finds Another First For Maizey" if you want to see!

    Love this simple idea of sharing about our cav's. Where I live there aren't too many so I learn a lot from others online stories!

  3. Katie,

    I agree! I only know of two other cavaliers and they live an hour from us. I enjoy hearing your stories.



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