6 Top Potty Training Books

Night time potty training is a vital stage of a kid's life and a crucial moment in the relationship between kids and their parents. Unfortunately, sometime it can be hectic, messy and wearing. The process requires endurance and positivity from a parent, which is not always easy. Nevertheless, night time potty training can be made much easier, and then enjoyable, particularly by seeking guidance from other individuals who have previously gone through the same process. A goog way for parents to get ready is by reading particular books. Moreover, reading these books meant for kids may help a kid to recognize the importance of the training, while having fun at same time.
There are many potty training books for kids that offer potty usage guidelines for parents. However, this list of top 6 potty training books discusses the most contemporary ones and is therefore more relevant for your children. The books on this particular list can guarantee that both parents and kids can be more prepared for the night potty training stage.

1. The Smart Parent's Potty Training Book: Stress-Free Potty Training in 1 - 3 Days!
The author of this book has the goal of having kids trained on how to use potty before age of 2 years, maybe even younger. This forty-two page book is specifically written for mothers with kids who are six months and above, and for parents who have problems training a much older child. It includes information that will help you with the shift between diaper and potty, including tips on discrete communication between a parent and a baby.

2. It's Time For Potty: Your Baby's First Potty Rhyme Book
This book is written to be used together with "The Smart Parent's Potty Training Book" by Olivia Michael. This twenty-eight page book aims to gain better communication skills and independence within the kid, which lead to earlier potty training progress. The book emboldens kids to sit and learn on their own while they are using the potty. Research shows that kids learn much faster through songs and rhymes, and the author of this book uses traditional storybook methods written in rhyme. Different images and colors are intended to inspire brain recognition and growth.

3. Welcome to Poop Camp: The Truth, the Whole Truth, and Nothing but the Truth About Potty Training
The author of this book believes that smart people learn from their own mistakes while wise people learn from the mistakes of others. Obviously she applies this philosophy on this particular potty training book. The author believes that parents should get a head start on the process before the kid is potty-ready., this way, the parent can be prepared. The book also gives information on learning the best time to start training, giving a step-by-step process from birth. Moreover, it gives advice on the correct sitting position, how to deal with inevitable accidents, how to handle disobedient kids, and how to get a child care provider involved. All these are discusses in detail using an open and honest language.

4. It's Potty Time
This in an interactive board book intended to make potty training enjoyable for children and parents alike. Included in the twelve page book is button that makes a real toilet flush sound. This allow a child to become used to the loud and frightening flush sound. Also included in the book is a cool development chart for the child and parent to fill in together as they progress. With bright color and amusing artwork, this book has a particular copy for boys and one for girls.

5. Put me on the Potty Mommy: A Kid's Book on Potty training the Fun Way
In this book, the author aims to show a child that all stages in the potty training process, including unavoidable minor accidents, are okay. The thirty page book is written from kid's point of view and is comforting to a child who is undergoing potty training. Intended to be read just before training begins, and during training as well, this book can prepare kids for this new and odd change in their life. It arms kids with the assurance that these changes are not something to be feared.

6. The Silly Potty Story
This book is available for both girls and boys. Children follow Abby or Andre and their pet frog on a journey full of laughs and finally the pair finish with potty training success. The interactive twenty-four pages story discusses where to use potty and it makes the training constructive. It is a great story to read while a child is undergoing potty training.

Night potty training is not always easy and can even be stressful for parents and kids alike. The training is different for every child hence a parent needs to be prepared for nearly anything. By preparing for the training, through reading particular potty training books, and try by making the process fun and thrilling, through interactive and enjoyable kids potty training books, the process can be very quick and easy. The above list of the potty training books for kids and parents will certainly help you out with this.

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