Fabulous House Fridays- Cleaning Cupboards!

Since I had a little extra time on my hands, I decided to make my future life a little easier and  organize a little.  I am pretty happy with the results.

Clean out kitchen pots and pans.  Only keep the materials you use monthly in the main cabinets.  But other pans and appliances on higher shelves or donate them. This cutting board was too large for us.  We decided to buy a smaller one that was easier to store and clean in the dishwasher.  

Personal Tip: We keep the electric knife in the over the microwave cabinet since we only use it around holidays. 

Homework:  Clean out cabinets and donate the materials you are now using.  Think about the food you prepare and what appliances you still need. 


  1. Good job that's much better. Friday must have been the day for it. I re-organized my pantry for the same reason and my plastics drawer. Little things can make us feel good can't they.

  2. well..its always nice to see the results after a hard work especially when you try managing it in between your tough schedule
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  3. Where did you get your pot lid rack?
    I can't find one I like

  4. You can get one from Amazon if you follow this link for less than $9.



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