Does your Cavalier like Walks?

Charlie came with us on a 9 mile walk.  George carried him for a little bit because he looked tired.  I think Charlie enjoyed the walk.  


  1. Thats a long walk! I used to have to carry my Little old Man before I lost him, cause he would get too tired.

    If I tried to carry maizey she would think I'd finally lost it! She probably thinks she should carry me so we can, "go faster crazymomlady!" LOL

  2. Like Katie said, this is a loooong walk! All the family is fit. This is great!

  3. We've done big walks but don't take the puppies for that long. Jasper has hip dysplasia so we have to monitor how far he can go. Daddy has had to carry him occassionally too. What a great photo!


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